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Reservation Deposits and Final Payment

 To confirm a reservation, each guest or group of guests will be charged a 50% deposit via check, credit card or pay Apps based upon the   entire reserved amount of your stay on the Chandeleur Islander.  The remainder of your balance is due on the day of your scheduled arrival.   All   other discretionary costs incurred while on board shall be settled prior to check-out on the day of your departure.

Cancellation Policies


 Due to the Chandeleur Islander's physical location among the islands, the logistical planning for the delivery of supplies is very important;  therefore, it is vital that we maintain appropriate consumable supply levels accurately based upon scheduled reservations. Cancellations  obviously have a direct  impact on the cost and ability to provide fresh groceries and timely supplies. It is for this reason, plus the fact that  other reservation requests may have been turned down due to the lack of available space, that cancellations must be made at least 30 days   prior to arrival; if notification is made within that time period, your deposit will be refunded in full. If a cancellation is requested within 30   days of arrival, your deposit will be retained and we will reschedule your trip within 360 days. 

 Weather Delays

 Since the Chandeleur Islander is stationary and jacked-up out of the water at all times, weather does not impact our ability to honor each

 of our reservations; therefore, the full price of your stay will remain in effect. At our discretion and based upon availability, we will attempt    to make adjustments for delays caused by severe weather. In the event that a hurricane or tropical storm is imminent and all air and

 marine activities are suspended, your deposit will either be refunded or another trip will be rescheduled within 360 days. The same policy   applies if the Chandeleur Islander must move off location and into safe harbor as a result of an approaching  storm.  

 Transportation Delays

 Transportation to and from the Islander is the sole responsibility of our guests, there may not be credits issued for any transportation   problems  due to breakdowns, missed departures, or delayed flights.  Delays or cancellations due to extreme weather conditions will be   mutually   resolved by both parties and all prepayments will be adjusted accordingly.  In addition, if your departure from the Islander is    delayed resulting in an additional night's stay, the charge for the extra day will be 50% of the established all-inclusive rate.

Additional Taxable Charges

 The total amount charged for your stay on the Chandeleur Islander is all-inclusive and provides for the price of your bunk, bath facilities,

 all meals, snacks, ice, drinks, and set-ups consumed while on board the vessel itself.  In the event that you did not bring enough

 ice, water, drinks, various fishing supplies, etc. for your fishing outings or for the ride home, these items (if available) can be purchased from   the Islander prior to your  departure.  In addition, there is a small inventory of various necessities/replacement items that may be on hand in   the General Store.  These  items, equipment rentals, services, etc. can each be purchased via cash or credit card with state and local sales   taxes applied.

Alcoholic Beverages

 Although we do not anticipate excessive drinking by our guests, for the safety of all, we reserve the right to request "a break" if it is perceived   that an overly-intoxicated individual may do harm to himself, herself, or others.

In accordance with the law, ALL illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

Respect for Other Guests

 Although each of our guests, their friends, and families come to our facility to enjoy some of the best fishing in the country, we do ask that  you treat everyone with the respect they deserve.  Each of our guests will be socializing in close quarters with people from varying personal  backgrounds and voices do carry on water.  With that thought in mind, please be aware of the surroundings and how actions may affect  others.  While in the common areas and even in the quarters, loud and excessive foul language, vulgarity, or any racial, gender, or ethnic slurs  cannot be tolerated.  We appreciate your thoughtfulness to this matter in advance. 

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