Islander Pricing and Options


 Please note that guests on The Islander may be placed in rooms with other guests. If you do not feel comfortable with that possibility, we ask   that you postpone your plans and visit us in the future. We also ask individual guests to postpone if experiencing any of the following   common COVID symptoms: Fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.



 $200 per person per night - 4-person, 2 night minimum to book advanced reservations. (Or the equivalent pricing adjustment per person).   All other stays are based upon availability at the time.

 The all-inclusive rates include meals, snacks, open bar, free WiFi, and DirecTV while onboard the Islander.

 Please note that anglers are to provide their own provisions, including bottled waters/drinks, ice chests and ice, for their fishing needs.

 Special Note: If we are already on location with larger groups, individuals and smaller groups are encouraged to contact us for last-minute   vacancies. If space is indeed available, we will be happy to accommodate you.

 Reservation Deposits:

 A 50% deposit is required to confirm reservations; In the event of a cancellation, your deposit will be applied to a rescheduled trip.   Groupings of 6 guaranteed a private bunk room.


 Individuals within reserved groups, if failing to make the trip, will forfeit their deposit. Likewise, the full 4-person minimum may be   charged   for those groups that fall below the minimum as a result of individual cancellations.

 Islander Transportation:

 Transportation to Chandeleur Island via Islander Crew Boat (4-person minimum) departing from Pass Christian Harbor, MS ($100 per   person each way, 80-mile R/T).


 Unless special   arrangements are made, travel times to and from The Islander will be from approximately 10am to noon each leg of the trip.


 Other Transportation Options:

 Arrive via your own boat.

 We have 8 mooring buoys adjacent to The Islander that are used to safely anchor your boat at night. Please bring adequate strength and   length of rope to serve as your bow anchor line.

 Arrive via Southern Seaplane - (504) 394-5633

 Arrive via third party guides arranged by guests (guide meal/lodging charges may apply).



 Fish from your own boat.

 Wade fish from North and New Harbor Island beaches.

 Fish from our deck and dock day or night.

 Rent a 14’ 3-man skiff ($150 per day including fuel, 3 skiffs available).

 Choose any combination of wade, skiff, dock, night, and guided fishing.


 Guided Trips:

 Includes boat, gear, tackle, baits, ice, cleaning, experienced guide. Guided fishing trips typically consist of 4-6 hours of on-water fishing.

 Option to “fish” your way out with a guide; however, baggage space would be limited.

 You may request guides to meet on location for one or more days of your choice; however, guide meal and lodging costs will be charged at our normal rates.


 While we at The Islander do not employ guides, we can assist you in locating a reputable local guide.

 Chandeleur Island Coordinates

 29.51.490 N

 88.52.110 W

 Positioned between New Harbor Island and North Island and across Smack Channel from Redfish Point

 Distances from Our Chandeleur Island Location to:

 Pass Christian (Home Operating Base) - 38 miles

 Gulfport - 38 miles

 Biloxi/Ocean Springs - 40 miles

 Hopedale - 45 miles

 Venice - 50 miles

 Slidell - 60 miles

 Comfort Island - 22 miles

 Northern tip of Chandy - 15 miles

 Freemason Island - 10 miles

 Curlew Island - 15 miles

 Grand Gosier Island - 20 miles

 Little Gosier Island - 25 miles

 Breton Island - 30 miles

 Out of Town Visitors:

 Closest Departure Point to Islander - Pass Christian, MS.

 Nearest Convenient Airport - Gulfport (GPT) - 15 miles.

 Nearest Major Airport - New Orleans (MSY) - 75 miles.

 Nearest Overnight Accommodations – Hotel Pass Christian (Islander guests receive a 10% discount).


 Fishing Licenses – A Louisiana Saltwater fishing license is required and can be purchased from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and   Fisheries website. Go to The daily out of state saltwater licenses are $17.50 per day and can be purchased for   the number of days you plan to fish. If renting our skiffs, the 3-day Charter Skiff License you may see on the website does not apply. Those   licenses are issued to specifically address anglers who take the “Mother Ship” vessel packages and fish from the skiffs that are provided for   them.


 Boat Anchoring – There are several mooring points surrounding the Islander that can be used to anchor your boat overnight. It is highly   recommended that you provide an adequate length and strength of rope compatible to the size of your boat. The water depth is 5-6 feet.  For the safety of all regarding approaching storms and weather conditions, the Islander Captain will dictate the appropriate time to anchor   all boats, including rented Islander skiffs.


 Communications – There is no tower-based cellular service from the Islander location in the Chandeleurs. We do, however, provide free   Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi assisted calling (not all phones have the feature), texting, and email. Please note that the Wi-Fi assisted calling feature is   not always 100% reliable and dropped calls can be frequent. We have found that the App “WhatsApp” works very well between varying   phone brands and services and can be much quicker than regular texting.


 Extra Fuel - We cannot sell fuel but invite all to drop off their extras; we have lots of storage space and will hold it until needed.


 Ice – It is advised that guests bring along ice chests and ice to cool their beverages and preserve their fish. Depending upon demand, a   limited amount of ice may be available for sale. 5 Gallon buckets of ice (25 lbs.) can be purchased for $5.


  Filleted Fish and Multiple Limits – If guests intend to fillet their fish prior to returning to shore, stringent Louisiana law requires that fillets   be separated and bagged by species with enough skin remaining to be identified, notated with the name and license number of the angler,   and the date caught. It is recommended that guests bring their own bagging materials, however, plastic bags (gallon-size Ziploc, 108 count   per carton) can be purchased for $5/carton. These rules, as well as multiple day limits, apply only to those able to prove they have stayed   multiple nights.


 In lieu of a receipt from a public launch, it is highly recommended that boat owners take a photo of their truck and/or trailer on the day of   launching. This dated photo and a photocopy of our sign-in roster will meet the LDWF requirement. Per an onsite visit from the LDWF,   anglers must be 100% compliant with each of these rules.

  Fish Cleaning Stations - There are two stations on our 30’ dock for your use, both stations are equipped with electrical outlets. Please   provide your own electric fillet knives.

 Battery Charging Stations -There are two multi-plug extension cords accessible from our dock.


 Once you have designed your trip, relay your options to us, we will work with you on available open dates, send you a quote with deposit   remittance information, and confirm your reservation upon receipt of the deposit.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you on the Chandeleur Islander!


Ron and Erin

 Ron – 504.615.8280

 Erin – 985.640.1230